Types and Verification Chattery

There are a small number of people who might care about this, but, there is an XMPP server available for anybody who might want to talk types, theorem proving, etc. Here are the details:

You may register here: https://chat.typesofnote.com/#converse/register And you can log in to chat here: https://chat.typesofnote.com/

You are of course welcome to use any XMPP client you wish, but the converse web client is available for anybody who so chooses.

Why use this?

An advantage of XMPP is that you are able to use any XMPP client you desire — no vender lock in. Be happy. Here’s a few options:

  • pidgin
  • gajim
  • profanity
  • poezio
  • converse.js
  • conversations (Android, best gotten from f-droid)
  • ChatSecure (iOS)
  • Monal (iOS / Mac)
  • adium (Mac)

I intend to keep all of the history available, so we can build up more sources of information for people getting into theorem proving and verification.

There probably won’t be many people hanging around, but that can change if you stick around :). Install a client on your phone and stick around, and maybe we’ll get somewhere!